Musu+Gibril | Engagement session

After couple of weeks of back to back phone calls and scheduling issues due to my busy schedules and the couple having different schedules between each other, we finally made this engagement session worth the delay. Interestingly, I was expecting Gibril to be the shy star in this session, but it turns out to be the other way around (LOL) oops! (I hope I don’t get sermoned by Musu). I have known Musu for a while now and the last thing you would expect from her is being shy… I wish I could’ve been present at your wedding in Sierra Leone. Congratulations on your engagement. You’re two wonderful people who made a great couple. Wishing you all the best with the lead-up to the wedding and for the future. Lot’s of love from Prince Zamira Photography.

Musu+Gibril-1 Musu+Gibril-2 Musu+Gibril-3 Musu+Gibril-4 Musu+Gibril-5 Musu+Gibril-6 Musu+Gibril-7 Musu+Gibril-8 Musu+Gibril-9 Musu+Gibril-11 Musu+Gibril-14 Musu+Gibril-15 Musu+Gibril-16 Musu+Gibril-17 Musu+Gibril-18 Musu+Gibril-19 Musu+Gibril-20 Musu+Gibril-21 Musu+Gibril-22 Musu+Gibril-23 Musu+Gibril-24 Musu+Gibril-25 Musu+Gibril-26 Musu+Gibril-27 Musu+Gibril-28 Musu+Gibril-29 Musu+Gibril-30 Musu+Gibril-31 Musu+Gibril-32 Musu+Gibril-33 Musu+Gibril-35 Musu+Gibril-36 Musu+Gibril-37 Musu+Gibril-38 Musu+Gibril-39 Musu+Gibril-40 Musu+Gibril-41 Musu+Gibril-43 Musu+Gibril-44 Musu+Gibril-45