Mattu’s Pregnancy Photo Session + Mini Family Portrait

Mattu and Emile are a beautiful couple that lives in Woodbridge Virginia. The couple chose me as their wedding photographer a year ago. We met at a friends place and they setup a date for a pregnancy photo shoot. They are expecting, and wanted to portrait Mattu’s pregnancy in a special way. When I arrived at their home in Woodbridge,  both of them were all so happy and radiant: Mattu was so beautiful with her eight-month baby bump, and both were very excited about being portrayed in such a special moment.

Mattu-Prego-1 Mattu-Prego-2 Mattu-Prego-3 Mattu-Prego-4 Mattu-Prego-5 Mattu-Prego-6 Mattu-Prego-7 Mattu-Prego-8 Mattu-Prego-9 Mattu-Prego-10 Mattu-Prego-11 Mattu-Prego-12 Mattu-Prego-13 Mattu-Prego-14 Mattu-Prego-15 Mattu-Prego-16 Mattu-Prego-17 Mattu-Prego-18 Mattu-Prego-20 Mattu-Prego-21 Mattu-Prego-22 Mattu-Prego-23 Mattu-Prego-24 Mattu-Prego-25 Mattu-Prego-26 Mattu-Prego-27 Mattu-Prego-28 Mattu-Prego-29 Mattu-Prego-30 Mattu-Prego-31 Mattu-Prego-32 Mattu-Prego-33 Mattu-Prego-35 Mattu-Prego-36 Mattu-Prego-37