Kadie and Mohammed | Wedding at Fox Chase Manor, Virginia

Firstly, I want to apologize for taking this long featuring Kadie and Mohammed on the blog. I would’ve felt guilty going into 2017 and not showcasing their wedding, because it was the best wedding coverage I did in 2015. Yes, I say 2015 (smile). The bride and groom were patient to select the vendors and locations for their wedding. They wanted the day to be memorable for them and their kids. As the matron of honor mentioned, “Kadie and Moe’s wedding was a thrill and not just your typical sit down, eat dinner dance a little and go home wedding”.

The selection of the venues as mentioned above made all the difference. The church needed no decorations and was very beautiful (lighting for a photographer was not an issue). There were key moments of the ceremony that made it so special to include the unity candle where all of the family was involved and the presentation of rings to their daughters. It signified two families joining together and not just the couple.

The Disc Jockey (DJ Lebbie) created a great atmosphere for the guests throughout the reception and party. Overall, the wedding was topnotch, food was good, dancing was free, courtesy of DJ Lebbie and there were amazing people at the wedding.

Thanks to Elizabeth (Liz) for being my second set of eyes. On a side note, I did couple of weddings in 2016 that I will eventually post on the blog in 2017. I have been so busy this year and I look forward to cover more weddings in 2017.

I wish everyone a prosperous 2017!

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