A Perfect Sierra Leonean Wedding | Mattu+Emile

I know. This blog is waaaaaayyyy overdue. This wedding brings back lots of memories. Some of you whom are close to the bride and groom, know exactly what I’m talking about. It was part of the reason why I delayed this blog post until I was reminded few days ago. What I enjoyed about this wedding was how involved the maid of honor was. She took the lead in everything, starting from planning, decoration of the reception hall, makeup of all the bridesmaid and coordination of her sisters 10th wedding anniversary. She had a blast. It is one of those Sweet/bitter moment (I know in most cases people refer to it as bitter/sweet). I hate to remind people about the past, but as you go through these images, I encourage you to keep these couple in your prayers as they lost the Maid of Honor last year a month after their wedding through Lupus.

Mattu+Emile-1 Mattu+Emile-2 Mattu+Emile-3 Mattu+Emile-4 Mattu+Emile-5 Mattu+Emile-6 Mattu+Emile-7 Mattu+Emile-8 Mattu+Emile-9 Mattu+Emile-10 Mattu+Emile-11 Mattu+Emile-12 Mattu+Emile-13 Mattu+Emile-15 Mattu+Emile-16 Mattu+Emile-17 Mattu+Emile-18 Mattu+Emile-19 Mattu+Emile-20 Mattu+Emile-21 Mattu+Emile-22 Mattu+Emile-23 Mattu+Emile-24 Mattu+Emile-25 Mattu+Emile-26 Mattu+Emile-27 Mattu+Emile-28 Mattu+Emile-29 Mattu+Emile-30 Mattu+Emile-31 Mattu+Emile-32 Mattu+Emile-33 Mattu+Emile-34 Mattu+Emile-35 Mattu+Emile-36 Mattu+Emile-37 Mattu+Emile-38 Mattu+Emile-39 Mattu+Emile-40 Mattu+Emile-41 Mattu+Emile-42 Mattu+Emile-43 Mattu+Emile-44 Mattu+Emile-45 Mattu+Emile-46 Mattu+Emile-47 Mattu+Emile-49 Mattu+Emile-50 Mattu+Emile-51 Mattu+Emile-52 Mattu+Emile-53 Mattu+Emile-54 Mattu+Emile-55 Mattu+Emile-56 Mattu+Emile-57 Mattu+Emile-58 Mattu+Emile-59 Mattu+Emile-60 Mattu+Emile-61 Mattu+Emile-62 Mattu+Emile-63 Mattu+Emile-64 Mattu+Emile-65 Mattu+Emile-66 Mattu+Emile-67 Mattu+Emile-68 Mattu+Emile-69 Mattu+Emile-70 Mattu+Emile-71 Mattu+Emile-72 Mattu+Emile-73 Mattu+Emile-74 Mattu+Emile-75 Mattu+Emile-76 Mattu+Emile-77 Mattu+Emile-78 Mattu+Emile-79 Mattu+Emile-80 Mattu+Emile-81 Mattu+Emile-82 Mattu+Emile-83 Mattu+Emile-84 Mattu+Emile-85