Zainab & Justin

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched … but are felt in the heart

How they met?
Zainab and Justin shared their first date at a Thai restaurant on October the Sixteenth, 2009. Unaccustomed to spicy food, but determined to show his date that he could handle it, Justin spent the evening trying not to show his weakness; however, after a great deal of sweating and several large glasses of water, he decided never to have a first date with spicy food again. Little did he know, he would never be needing a first date again 🙂

Richelda & Sheku

It doesn’t get much more romantic than when this Shy Hipster (Sheku) took out his Gorgeous Dolly (Richelda) to a golf course for a vintage style engagement session on a bright Saturday morning. From the charming vintage outfits and props, there isn’t a moment of vintage happiness that has not completely stolen my heart. Luckily, I was present to capture all of the lovely, smooches moment that this Hipster and Dolly expresses during the session. Please enjoy some of the pictures that was taken…